Monday, 25 July 2016

Late Blessings

"Anytime is Trini time" personally I hate the phrase, but once again, at what I would consider an official function I heard it yet again. 

Sunday July 25, was the blessing of the grounds at the Emancipation Village at the Queens Park Savannah. The official start time in the programme read  5pm. At 5:50pm  however, this was still the scene

Hopeful that patrons would eventually arrive the drummers were told to start. In 2016 shouldn't we get "with it"?

Anyway, back to the programme. By 6:15pm ushers started going around telling  to fill up the spaces in front.

Finally it starts with the usual pomp and levity that is common with opening speeches.

Aspects of the ceremony is broken down and explained to those gathered, as well as the importance of 'community'.
Elder Equino Moyo seen here have a rousing address. The US Ambassador Mr John Estrada also addressed those gathered, thanking the organizers for inviting him and expressing an interest in seeing the elements as described.

Breaking up the speeches, as Chairman of the Emancipation Support Committee, Khafra Kambo, who was introduced by his wife Asha Kambon also spoke at lenght, was the Moko Jumbies!

It was an amazing time. Please try to make it to the Emancipation village.